Air Traffic Management System


Air Traffic Management

This fifth module of Virtual Skies describes a number of Federal Aviation and Administration (FAA) facilities and their services available to the commercial and private pilot here in the United States. You will learn what each individual facility does and how they all work together to monitor air traffic across America's skies:

Check out the variety of jobs associated with Aviation Navigation in the 'Career Radar.'

After reviewing these topics in the "Tutorial," use the Know Your Airspace and Traffic Sequencing activities that let you put your knowledge of Air Traffic Management to practical use in the "Take Control" subsection. The "You Decide" features a Flight Operations Manager roll-play activity. This simulation related to weather's effect on local air traffic sequencing is almost a daily occurrence in our county's air traffic system.

For those who want to assess their grasp of these Aviation Navigation concepts, there is a pass/no pass, multiple-choice quiz. With a score of >80%, you can print out a cool NASA Virtual Skies Communication certificate of achievement.